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Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner - tender Formula Cleans, Conditions and Restores Leather and Vinyl roads - UV Protectants Help Prevent Cracking or Fading of Leather Sofas, vehicle Interiors, Shoes, Purses and much extra - 12 fl. oz.

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>>> Weiman Leather Cleaner Conditioner <<<

Weiman Leather Cleaner   Conditioner

Feature :

  • Advanced Protection for Leather - this pH basic formula features six normal cleaners, and conditioners which help clean, moisturize and protect your leather, restoring the normal suppleness and sheen
  • Prevents surface area Aging - by using a powerful, useful formula, containing UV protectants, this formula will fight aging, cracking and fading, keeping your leather looking new for years
  • No Hazy Residue - the gentle, pH basic formula won't leave a streaky residue, restoring your leather to its normal sheen
  • Contains UV Sunscreen - Direct sunlight can fade and free of moisture leather so we formulated our leather cleaner and conditioner by using UV protectants to help have the timeless beauty of your leather
  • Works on All concluded Leather surface zones - which contain couches, sofas, chairs, auto interiors, jackets, purses, shoes, seats, handbags and in fact faux leather.

Details :

"Cleans and Restores healthy Sheen to Leather Brilliantly – coupled along with its lighting formula your leather furniture, shoes, purses, hand bags and family group car seats will appear their best, shine want new and leaves no hazy residue.  Will help revitalize and protect all of your leather types of surface close to the property and in the car.

For types of surface that are regularly unveiled to direct sunlight, such as leather furniture and auto interiors, the added benefit of UVX-sunscreen protects leather from fading, drying and cracking.

Leather gets greater throughout time, so try to make sure to use solutions specially made for leather to hold its timeless beauty for years to come.

Test on an inconspicuous area before use.


Shake well.

convert nozzle to spray position and spray onto a clean, sophisticated cloth.


Apply moistened cloth to leather and buff to a healthy shine.

Residue.  Will Help Revitalize And Protect All Of Your Leather surface types close to The household And In The Car.

For surface types That Are Regularly totally exposed To Direct Sunlight, Such As Leather Furniture
And Auto Interiors, The Added Benefit Of UVX-sunscreen Protects Leather From Fading, drying And Cracking.

Leather Gets extra desirable more than Time, So make Sure To Use merchandise Specially Made For Leather To Maintain
Its Timeless Beauty For Years To Come.

Test On An Inconspicuous Area before Use.


Shake Well.

immediately turn Nozzle To Spray Position And Spray Onto A Clean, very soft Cloth.


Apply Moistened Cloth To Leather And Buff To A genuine Shine.