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Lexol Ph Cleaner 1 Liter 33.8 Oz

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>>> Lexol Ph Cleaner <<<

Lexol Ph Cleaner

Feature :

  • Easy-to-use product safely, though aggressively, cleans all leathers
  • Removes dirt and grime from non-treated leather (leather will re-lighten after drying)
  • Penetrates quickly into soaked or free of moisture leather to bond having leather fibers
  • Does not leave leather slick, sticky, slippery - no greasy residue to stain or discolor clothing
  • For very preferred very good results follow vacuuming having an application of Lexol Leather Conditioner while wet

Details :

Nothing beats Lexol for keeping leather clean, soft, and durable.

Lexol-pH whole cleans and foams away dirt and oils that build up on leather articles.

You can trust Lexol-pH because it is made to really clean up leather.

unique Note: It is not uncommon for naked (unfinished) leather to darken in the course of the clean-up and conditioning process.

After air-drying, the vast majority of leathers will return to their initial color.

We suggest testing to determine satisfaction, since leather articles tend to vary in color and degree of absorption.

For preferred fina follow clean-up by using a lighting application of Lexol Leather Conditioner while the leather is also damp.

The unique Lexol formula penetrates readily into soaked or waterless leather to bond by using leather fibers.

Unfinished leathers quickly absorb Lexol while absorption may proceed additional slowly by using ended leathers.

Lexol does not leave leather slick, sticky, or slippery.

It leaves no greasy residue to stain or discolor clothing.

For above a half century Lexol has been trusted and used by professionals when repairing or restoring leather handbags, briefcases, and luggage.

Use Lexol merchandise by using confidence to protect your investment in fine leather.

To Darken in the course of The washer And Conditioning Process.

After Air-drying, a large number of Leathers Will Return To Their classic Color.

We Suggest Testing To Determine Satisfaction, Since Leather Articles Tend To Vary In Color And Degree Of Absorption.

For preferred results Follow Cleaning
using A light foundation Application Of Lexol Leather Conditioner While The Leather Is however Damp.

The Unique Lexol Formula Penetrates quickly Into humid Or dried out Leather To Bond using Leather Fibers.

Unfinished Leathers Quickly Absorb Lexol While Absorption May Proceed additional Slowly using Finished

Lexol Does Not Leave Leather Slick, Sticky, Or Slippery.

It Leaves No Greasy Residue To Stain Or Discolor Clothing.

For finished A Half Century Lexol Has Been Trusted And Used By Professionals When Repairing Or Restoring Leather Handbags, Briefcases, And Luggage.

Use Lexol products using Confidence To Protect Your Investment In Fine Leather.