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Lexol 1215 Vinylex Protectant for Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic - 16.9 oz., (Pack of 6)

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>>> Lexol 1215 Vinylex Protectant Vinyl <<<

Lexol 1215 Vinylex Protectant Vinyl

Feature :

  • Protects and beautifies vinyl in just and tires.

    bought in circumstance pack of 6
  • Produces a non-sticky organic sheen on vinyl and rubber.
  • Protectant is durable and retains its luster until you remove it.
  • Protects against UV harm and also cleans the surface.
  • May be removed by means of the help of Lexol Leather Cleaner, or any leather/ vinyl cleaner.

Details :

VINYLEX is a patented liquid vinyl protectant made for use in the suitable caution and conservation of vinyl, plastic and plastic.

Its purpose is to clean, protect, renew, preserve and strengthen the appearance of the polymer area being treated.

VINYLEX is a new, state of the art, protectant such as DH60 UV sunscreen Traditional vinyl protectants have hovered all-around the primary patented vinyl product, trying to copy it while staying away from probable infringement on its formula.

As a result, the industry is extensive of poor imitations of a product created 20 years ago.

These protectants do not penetrate to clean, preserve or protect as VINYLEX does.

VINYLEX Protectant cleans the vinyl or plastic area while it is being applied, reducing the time essential for application.

This clean-up laundry reduces problems associated by would mean of some severa protectants; for example, “bloom” a discoloration from dirt held mechanically in suspension.

VINYLEX carries a unique patented composition of silicone and organo-functional silicone especially fashioned to present the desired capabilities and appearance all-around by would mean of unique emulsifiers that cause the formula to break on application.

This release (break) on application contributes to the capabilities of the composition and facilitates the suitable distribution of VINYLEX ingredients.

VINYLEX Protectant also carries DH60 UV screen.

This sunscreen is emulsified in the formula and is released on application to present a substantial calculate of protection from the harmful effects of ozone, ultraviolet radiation and some severa environmental degradation of vinyl, plastic and plastic surfaces.

Applied correctly, VINYLEX does not require an array of applications, as competitive programs do.

VINYLEX generates superior capabilities the primary time, every time.

VINYLEX leaves a clean, renewed area that has the glance preferred by professionals.

Not too oily, and never too dry.

On Its Formula.

As A Result, The economy Is entire Of Poor Imitations Of A Product Created 20 Years Ago.

These Protectants Do Not Penetrate To Clean, Preserve Or Protect As VINYLEX Does.

VINYLEX Protectant Cleans The Vinyl Or plastic floor While It Is Being Applied, Reducing The Time essential For Application.

This cleanup Reduces Problems Associated by means of severa Protectants; For Example, “bloom” A Discoloration From Dirt Held Mechanically In Suspension.
VINYLEX carries A Unique Patented Composition Of Silicone And Organo-functional Silicone especially specifically created To supply The Desired effectiveness And Appearance approximately by means of specialized Emulsifiers That Cause The Formula To Break On Application.

This Release (break) On Application Contributes To The effectiveness Of The Composition And Facilitates The suitable Distribution Of VINYLEX Ingredients.

VINYLEX Protectant Also carries DH60 UV Screen.

This Sunscreen
Is Emulsified In The Formula And Is Released On Application To supply A Substantial determine Of Protection From The Harmful Effects Of Ozone, Ultraviolet Radiation And severa Environmental Degradation Of Vinyl, plastic And Plastic Surfaces.

Applied Correctly, VINYLEX Does Not Require different Applications, As Competitive products and solutions Do.

VINYLEX generates Superior effectiveness The first Time, Every Time.

VINYLEX Leaves A Clean, Renewed floor That Has The look for Preferred By Professionals.

Not Too Oily, And Never Too Dry.