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Lexol 1008-case Leather Conditioner, 8-oz., 6-Pack

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>>> Lexol 1008 event Leather Conditioner <<<

Lexol 1008 event Leather Conditioner

Feature :

  • Extends the everyday lifespan of leather by restoring the oils used in the tanning process
  • An odorless non-greasy aqueous emulsion, Lexol possesses no chemical solvents
  • Not for use on napped leathers, suede or glove leather
  • For auto interiors, handbags, sporting goods, luggage, saddles and many severa items
  • 236 milliliters

Details :

Lexol leather conditioner is a unique emulsion that feeds leather to preserve it comfortable and supple while maintaining strength and durability.

Regular use will keep leather in top condition and not leave the surface area slick or greasy.

Just give good gains it into the leather using the help of a clean, soft, 100 percent cotton cloth or Lexol applicator sponge; allow the conditioner to be fully absorbed (15-20 minutes), and then buff off the excess using the help of another soft, clean, 100 percent cotton cloth.

Use it 4 or 5 times a year to preserve your leather in top condition.

You do not have to wash the leather every time you condition, but you demands to condition every time you wash it.

This product is not for use on suede.

retain Leather In Top Condition And Not Leave The surface area Slick Or Greasy.

Just do the job It Into The Leather using A Clean, Soft, 100 Percent Cotton Cloth
Or Lexol Applicator Sponge; Allow The Conditioner To Be Fully Absorbed (15-20 Minutes), And Then Buff Off The Excess using Another Soft, Clean, 100 Percent
Cotton Cloth.

Use It 4 Or 5 Times A Year To keep Your Leather In Top Condition.

You Do Not Have To clean up The Leather Every Time You Condition, But You has to Condition Every Time You clean up It.

This Product Is Not For Use On Suede.