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Leather Rescue Leather Conditioner and Restorer

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>>> Leather Rescue Leather Conditioner <<<

Leather Rescue Leather Conditioner

Feature :

  • Enjoy supple, amazing leather - restores and protects leather from wear, weather, and sunlight / UV rays
  • Gentle, pH-balanced and non-toxic - conditions deeply, leaving only a even shine and healthy leather scent utilizing the help of no residues
  • Dries within one hour - quickly and practical for regular use
  • Safe and reliable - runs on treated, untreated, exotic, reptile, and bonded leathers (not made for suede or nubuck)
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed - 90-day no-hassle returns from Leather Rescue in court event you change your mind

Details :

Protect Your Leather
• Moisturizes, restores, and prolongs the lifestyle of all leathers
• Prevents cracking, drying, and hurt due to flow on and environmental conditions (e.g., cold dried out winters and sizzling summers)
• Prevents fading and hurt due to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation

produce it delightful
• Deeply penetrates the spot to recover and preserve the elasticity and tensile strength of the leather's fibers, prime to a touchable, alot more supple really feel
• Restores color vibrancy and adds a very gentle luster
• Leaves a clean, pure leather odour

Save Time and Effort
• basic to apply
• Dries quickly in one hour
• Does not leave any residue or greasy mess

Rest Assured
• dependable for treated, un-mended / unfinished, exotic, and faux leathers
• 100% Non-Toxic; comprises no harsh chemicals
• pH-balanced for cozy and helpful conditioning

Manufacturer Guarantee:
If you're not completely satisfied utilizing the help of our conditioner within the first 90 days, communicate utilizing Leather Rescue to obtain a whole entire refund of your get price.

Made in the USA

And Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

produce It exquisite
• Deeply Penetrates The spot To Recover And endure The Elasticity And Tensile Strength Of The Leather's Fibers, prime To A Touchable, alot more Supple really feel
• Restores Color Vibrancy And Adds A Soft
• Leaves A Clean, and organic Leather scent

Save Time And Effort
• basic To Apply
• Dries Quickly In One Hour
• Does Not Leave Any Residue Or Greasy Mess

Rest Assured
• safer For Treated, neglected / Unfinished, Exotic,
And Faux Leathers
• 100% Non-Toxic; has No Harsh Chemicals
• PH-balanced For even And productive Conditioning

Manufacturer Guarantee:
If You're Not Completely Satisfied utilizing Our Conditioner Within The first 90 Days, communication Leather Rescue To Obtain A extensive Refund Of Your select Price.

Made In The USA