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Leather Refinish Color Restorer & Cleaner/Conditioner-Preparer Combo equipment (Dark Brown)

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>>> Leather Refinish Color Restorer <<<

Leather Refinish Color Restorer

Feature :

    Details :

    Leather Refinisher & Color Restorer (LRCR) accommodates and surpasses this criteria.

    Leather Refinisher & Color Restorer is a heavy liquid much appreciate thin syrup and is applied thru a tender cotton cloth.

    It dries to the touching in about five minutes.

    There is no require to mask off metal hardware, Leather Refinisher & Color Restorer wipes off just thru a damp cloth not having staining.

    An basic to use Leather Refinisher made to "Do it Yourself" which is quite accommodating & will not rub off on clothing.

    For very best fantastic gains follow these steps.


    Chose the color of Leather Refinish Color Restorer you require (see color chart, and samples are to choose from below).


    Use Leather Refinish Color Restorer Cleaner Conditioner to thoroughly really clean up and prepare the covering for coloring.

    We formulated our black, dark brown and navy colors to go by technique of al used by COACH and Stone Mountain because these two brands comprise the majority of handbags we refinish.

    These three popular colors are also a ideally suited go by technique of to BIRKENSTOCK sandals which often require refinishing.

    Refinishing leather is messy, time consuming, expensive and hazardous to your health.

    very good not anymore! The name of our product is Leather Refinisher & Color Restorer or as our buyers refer to it as "that miracle product".

    We have been in the leather dyeing and refinishing business for twenty-eight years.

    Because refinishing leather professionally is expensive the majority of our buyers were looking to buy a product and do it themselves.

    devoid of Staining.

    An painless To Use Leather Refinisher specially designed To "Do It Yourself" Which Is highly flexible type & Will Not Rub Off On Clothing.

    For very best gains Follow These Steps.


    Chose The Color Of Leather Refinish Color Restorer You wil (see Color Chart, And Samples Are presented Below).


    Use Leather Refinish Color Restorer Cleaner Conditioner
    To Thoroughly clean up And Prepare The covering For Coloring.

    We Formulated Our Black, Dark Brown And Navy Colors To fit people Used By COACH And Stone Mountain Because These Two Brands Comprise The Majority Of Handbags We Refinish.

    These Three Popular Colors Are Also A best fit To BIRKENSTOCK Sandals Which Often wil Refinishing.

    Refinishing Leather
    Is Messy, Time Consuming, Expensive And Hazardous To Your Health.

    good Not Anymore! The Name Of Our Product Is Leather Refinisher & Color Restorer Or As Our shoppers Refer To It As "that Miracle Product".

    We Have Been In The Leather Dyeing And Refinishing Business For Twenty-eight Years.

    Because Refinishing Leather Professionally Is Expensive The Majority Of Our shoppers Were Looking To Buy A Product And Do It Themselves.