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Leather Milk Leather Furniture Cleaner & Conditioner system (2 flask Furniture superior good care Set) - Straight Cleaner No. 2 + Furniture Treatment No. 5 - All Natural, Non-Toxic. Made in USA. W/ 2 Restoration Pads

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>>> Leather Milk Leather Furniture <<<

Leather Milk Leather Furniture

Feature :

  • BEST treatment TO tidy + CONDITION YOUR FURNITURE LEATHER - No try to make a difference how old your leather is, our Furniture Treatment No.

    5 and Straight Cleaner No.

    2 will tidy and condition your sofas, couches, chairs, ottomans, stools, recliners, sectionals, restoring your beloved leather to start looking and believe similar to new again.

    Imagine that old couch you love, looking healthy, hydrated, and alive again-- just similar to the day you bought it.
  • FIX DRY, DULL, SCRATCHED LEATHER - Is your furniture looking a bit used and abused? You can fix all that dress al in and tear alongside using a beneficial conditioner.

    Our formula has a consistency that is not too thick and applies effortlessly and rapid that will leave your leather feeling soft, supple, moisturized and alive.

    people have told us our formula is best for wiping decrease a couch.

    This will NOT obtain your leather start looking and believe greasy or actually believe sticky similar to different things and services do.
  • ALL-NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE, very superior SMELLING -Some conditioners use unnatural chemicals in their things and services that leave a weird smell and obtain your leather actually believe sticky or greasy.

    You want to steer very transparent of these in all costs! Our formulas are standard water based and contain vital oils that nourish and strengthen leather.

    Leather Milk is imbued alongside using a pleasing, softer almond aroma that dissipates quickly after use.
  • ONLY LEATHER attention RECIPE TRUSTED BY SADDLEBACK LEATHER - Our formula is so beneficial that itÍs the only recipe trusted by Saddleback Leather Company-- maker of some of the preferred looking, highest-quality leather goods youÍll ever find.

    every different and every Saddleback Leather product is conditioned alongside using Leather Milk previous to being shipped out to customers.
  • FREE REUSABLE COTTON TERRY APPLICATOR PAD - For preferred results, apply Leather Milk to the reusable applicator pad and rub thoroughly into your leather goods.

    We supply you alongside using a cotton terry pad because weÍve found it to be the preferred applicator for leather goods and it is reusable so it cuts decrease on environmental waste!

Details :


Upgrade Your Leather suitable good care While Saving Money and Frustration

Has your furniture leather gotten a bit dirty?

Does your couch have to have some TLC?

Would you just for example a healthy cleaner and conditioner that will generate your leather appear new again-- just just for example the day you bought it?

Get the finest furniture leather suitable good care combo: Straight Cleaner No.

2 and Furniture Treatment No.


The only leather formulas trusted by Saddleback Leather Company, explicitly constructed to safely wash and restore furniture leather

Furniture Treatment No.

5 is the terrific remedy for leather frequently open to spills, stains and human touch, keeping it healthy, supple and new.

Straight Cleaner No.

2 is a safe, non-alkaline, cleaner to remove dirt, oil, stains, and denim move from your leather earlier than you condition it.
_First, wash your furniture leather using No.

2, then restore and condition your leather using No.


WHY Leather Milk?
_ We are leather specialists from Fort Worth, Texas and we eat, sleep, and live for leather care.

We recognize exactly what you hope and want for your leather and we generate premium programs that are healthy to use and will prolong the life-time of your leather goods
_ Our Leather formulas will preserve your leather looking superior for as extended as they last! We are absolutely convinced of the high-quality of our programs and we give you a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of them! If you are not satisfied using one of our products, you will receive your Money back, straightforward as that.

2 FREE COTTON PADS FOR APPLICATION: every Leather Milk system comes using a free, reusable cotton pad to apply Leather Milk onto your leather.

For finest results, apply Leather Milk to the cotton pad and rub thoroughly into your leather goods.


Cleaner No.

2 And Furniture Treatment No.


The Only Leather directions Trusted By Saddleback Leather Company, expressly meant To Safely nice and clean And Restore Furniture Leather

Furniture Treatment No.

5 Is The most suitable Remedy For Leather Frequently exposed To Spills, Stains And Human Touch, Keeping It Healthy, Supple And New.

Straight Cleaner No.

2 Is A Safe, Non-alkaline, Cleaner To Remove Dirt, Oil, Stains, And Denim transport From Your Leather Before
You Condition It.
_First, nice and clean Your Furniture Leather using No.

2, Then Restore And Condition Your Leather using No.


WHY Leather Milk?
_ We Are Leather Specialists From Fort Worth, Texas And We Eat, Sleep, And Live For Leather Care.

We discover Exactly What You hope And Want For Your Leather And We try to make Premium things That Are healthy To Use And Will Prolong The lifestyle Of Your Leather Goods
_ Our Leather directions Will continue to keep Your Leather Looking
superior For As extended As They Last! We Are Absolutely Convinced Of The superior quality Of Our things And We Give You A Satisfaction Guarantee On All Of Them! If You Are Not Satisfied using One Of Our Products, You Will obtain Your Money Back, uncomplicated As That.

2 FREE COTTON PADS FOR APPLICATION: Every Leather Milk system Comes using A Free, Reusable Cotton Pad To Apply Leather Milk Onto Your Leather.

For best Results, Apply Leather Milk To The Cotton Pad And Rub Thoroughly Into Your Leather Goods.