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Leather Milk Auto Leather Cleaner & Conditioner set (2 Formula auto Detailing Set) - Straight Cleaner No. 2 + Auto Refreshener No. 4 - All Natural, Non-Toxic. Made in USA. is made up of 2 Detailing Pads!

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>>> Leather Milk Auto Leather Cleaner <<<

Leather Milk Auto Leather Cleaner

Feature :

  • BEST mix TO wash + CONDITION YOUR AUTO LEATHER - Does your loved ones friends and family car leather wil some TLC? Our two-formula combo is the wonderful treatment gear to secure rid of everyday dirt, oil spots, denim copy and nourish and strengthen your leather, thereby prolonging its life.

    Imagine your loved ones friends and family car leather looking wash and refreshed just for instance the day you bought it!
  • PREMIUM CONSISTENCY THAT'S NON-STICKY AND very uncomplicated TO APPLY - Our formulas have a consistency that is not too thick and applies effortlessly and rapidly that will leave your auto leather feeling soft, supple, moisturized and alive.

    This will NOT come up with your leather glimpse greasy or believe sticky for instance severa goods and services do.

    Plus, it is quick-absorbing therefore nourishing your leather lacking leaving any unwanted stain or residue.
  • HOW IT functions - to start using apply our Straight Cleaner No.

    2 which permeates leather using the help of natural, non-alkaline cleaning agents and alcohols to obviously wash your leather.

    Then, use our Refreshener No.

    4 to condition and restore the daily life and brilliant of your auto leather.

    All of our formulas are all-natural and fantastic smelling for a safe, pleasant application.
  • ONLY LEATHER treatment RECIPE TRUSTED BY SADDLEBACK LEATHER - Leather Milk is so superior that it is the only recipe trusted by Saddleback Leather Company-- maker of some of the very a large number of productive looking, highest-quality leather goods you willl ever find.

    each one and every Saddleback Leather product is conditioned using the help of Leather Milk ahead of being shipped out to customers.

    Find out what Saddleback clientele already know.
  • TWO FREE REUSABLE COTTON TERRY APPLICATOR PADS - For very a large number of productive results, apply Leather Milk to the reusable applicator pad and rub thoroughly into your leather goods.

    We supply you using the help of two cotton terry pads because we have found them to be the very a large number of productive applicator for leather goods and they are reusable so they cut downwards on environmental waste!

Details :


Upgrade Your Leather right excellent care While Saving Money and Frustration

Has your auto leather gotten a bit dirty?

Does your serp vehicle want some TLC?

Would you similar to a all-natural cleaner and conditioner that will help to come up with your auto leather seem new again-- just similar to the day you bought it?

Get the appropriate auto leather right excellent care combo: Straight Cleaner No.

2 and Refreshener No.


The only leather directions trusted by Saddleback Leather Company, particularly made to safely really clean up and restore auto leather

- Auto Refreshener No.

4 together using UV protection conditions and protects your serp vehicle interior, vinyl, and auto leather.

- Straight Cleaner No.

2 is a safe, non-alkaline, cleaner to remove dirt, oil, stains, and denim copy from your leather just before you condition it.
- First, really clean up your auto leather together using No.

2, then restore and condition your leather together using No.


WHY Leather Milk?
- We are leather specialists from Fort Worth, Texas and we eat, sleep, and live for leather care.

We learn exactly what you imagine and want for your leather and we help to come up with premium things that are safer to use and will prolong the lifestyle of your leather goods
- Our Leather directions will continue to keep on your leather looking wonderful for as lengthy as they last! We are absolutely convinced of the top outstanding of our things and we give you a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of them! If you are not satisfied together using one of our products, you will become your Money back, swift as that.

2 FREE COTTON PADS FOR APPLICATION: every Leather Milk bottles comes together using a free, reusable cotton pad to apply Leather Milk onto your leather.

For appropriate results, apply Leather Milk to the cotton pad and rub thoroughly into your leather goods.


Cleaner No.

2 And Refreshener No.


The Only Leather dishes Trusted By Saddleback Leather Company, especially produced To Safely clean up And Restore Auto Leather

- Auto Refreshener No.

4 using UV Protection Conditions And Protects Your friends and family car Interior, Vinyl, And Auto Leather.

- Straight Cleaner No.

2 Is A Safe, Non-alkaline, Cleaner To Remove Dirt, Oil, Stains, And Denim exchange From Your Leather just before You Condition It.
- First,
clean up Your Auto Leather using No.

2, Then Restore And Condition Your Leather using No.


WHY Leather Milk?
- We Are Leather Specialists From Fort Worth, Texas And We Eat, Sleep, And Live For Leather Care.

We know Exactly What You expect And Want For Your Leather And We come up with Premium goods That Are dependable To Use And Will Prolong The life Of Your Leather Goods
- Our Leather dishes Will keep on Your Leather Looking excellent For As Long
As They Last! We Are Absolutely Convinced Of The outstanding Of Our goods And We Give You A Satisfaction Guarantee On All Of Them! If You Are Not Satisfied using One Of Our Products, You Will become Your Money Back, simple As That.

2 FREE COTTON PADS FOR APPLICATION: Every Leather Milk bottles Comes using A Free, Reusable Cotton Pad To Apply Leather Milk Onto Your Leather.

For a large number of productive Results, Apply Leather Milk To The Cotton Pad And Rub Thoroughly Into Your Leather Goods.