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Chemical Guys TVD_107_04 V.R.P. seriously Shine Dressing (For Vinyl silicone And Plastic)

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>>> Chemical Guys TVD 107 04 tremendously <<<

Chemical Guys TVD 107 04  Super

Feature :

  • Refined cream formula spreads plainly for easy application
  • Restores deep-black glimpse and honestly feel to vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim pieces
  • Protects against fading and staining from harmful UV rays
  • Easily coats fairings, seats, mirrors, trim, grilles, grates, and more
  • Dry-to-the-touch finish does not attract dirt or dust

Details :

VRP Protectant is the ultimate protection and shine the booster for indoor and exterior trim.

VRP creates a awesome shine finish on any rubber, vinyl, or textured plastic surface.

The easy-to-use protectant restores a heavy black look, enhances shine, and protects the covering against UV solar rays.

fantastic for tires, bumpers, trim pieces, bumper moldings, side mirrors, and much more.

comfortably protects dashboards, door panels, vinyl seats, and steering wheels.

VRP provides a brilliant shine and restores the dark black appearance to plastic and plastic trim.

Apply to plastic tires to keep on the dark black finish after every wash.

Restore mirror and bumper trim from dull and faded to dark and rich.

VRP Protectant leaves no-residue and finishes dry-to-the-touch.

VRP Protectant continues your trim looking want new for weeks, not days.

VRP penetrates heavy into the pores of plastic, rubber, and vinyl to restore and protect the covering to factory-new condition.

The water-based protectant creates the fantastic new appearance on indoor and exterior surfaces, not a greasy drenched look.

Restore the dark, prosperous shine to vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim by Chemical Guys VRP Protectant.

UV Solar Rays.

appropriate For Tires, Bumpers, Trim Pieces, Bumper Moldings, Side Mirrors, And Much More.

comfortably Protects Dashboards, Door Panels, Vinyl Seats, And Steering Wheels.

VRP Provides A Brilliant Shine And Restores The Dark Black Appearance To Plastic And rubber Trim.
Apply To rubber Tires To manage The Dark Black Finish After Every Wash.

Restore Mirror And Bumper Trim From Dull And Faded To Dark And Rich.

VRP Protectant Leaves No-residue And Finishes Dry-to-the-touch.

VRP Protectant continues Your Trim Looking for instance New For Weeks, Not Days.
VRP Penetrates abundant Into The Pores Of Plastic, Rubber, And Vinyl To Restore And Protect The floor To Factory-new Condition.

The Water-based Protectant Creates The appropriate New Appearance On interior And Exterior Surfaces, Not A Greasy drenched Look.

Restore The Dark, abundant Shine To Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic Trim using Chemical Guys VRP Protectant.