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Car Duster, Onshowy Telescopic Retractable Handle Electrostatic Microfiber van Wax Drag extractible van Wash Brush van Mop, Exterior or room in your home in your property Use cleanup Tool

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>>> van Duster Onshowy Telescopic <<<

Car Duster  Onshowy Telescopic

Feature :

  • Microfiber, washable and reusable, replaceable brush model and structure for extensive lasting
  • Easy to use, it operate superior from keeping dust away not having scratching, preserve your serp vehicle looking thoroughly wash and beautiful!
  • Extendable handle is a cozy rubberized grip and the microfiber end is soft, enables you to dust serp vehicle off by using little effort.
  • It operate very properly for the the majority of parts such as dusting car, window, and property seats, dash etc.

    It operate superior in the space too!
  • It comes off by using a nice plastic zippered travelling pouch for storage

Details :

Brand new and higher leve
Microfiber, washable and reusable, replaceable brush type for extensive lasting
It is tender and remarkably tender a sufficient amount of so that no anxiety is needed to remove the dust, this prevents paint scratching
extrenal Telescopic Retractable handle is very good for removing the dust in individuals hard to arrive during places
It can perform a assortment of heavy clean-up tasks together by using dusting window, and inside seats, dash etc
Great for inside or exterior use!

Product details

Material: Microfiber, Plastic, Stainless stainlesss al
Color: Grey
Package included: 1 piece van or truck Duster

Any problems, pls sensation free to generate secure a grip of by using us, we will try our finest to resolve it

So That No pressure Is Needed To Remove The Dust, This Prevents Paint Scratching
totally removable Telescopic Retractable Handle Is very good For Removing The Dust In those Hard
To arrive during Places
It Can Perform several housecleaning Tasks which include Dusting Window, And inside Seats, Dash Etc
Great For inside Or Exterior Use!

Product Details

Material: Microfiber, Plastic, Stainless al
Color: Grey
Package Included: 1 Piece van Duster

Any Problems, Pls believe Free To secure a grip of Us, We Will Try Our fantastic To Resolve It