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Beesbutter ALL and organic Leather Conditioner | Genuine Leather Restorer, Softener, and Protector | Leather health and wellbeing care and attention for Purses, Saddles, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Gloves, and extra | Non-toxic | Made in USA

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>>> Beesbutter natural Leather Conditioner <<<

Beesbutter natural Leather Conditioner

Feature :

  • 150 year-old formulation that is handmade in USA.

    ALL natura blend of animal oils and beeswax.

    Has the consistency of comfortable butter and "melts" into the leather as it's applied.
  • ALL-IN-ONE leather wellbeing health and wellbeing care product.

    gets end results as a leather conditioner, leather restorer, leather softener, and leather protector.
  • No added chemicals, dyes, perfumes, petroleum, or adulterants.

    Beesbutter is safer and NON-TOXIC.
  • Provides liquid resistance upon application.
  • A little goes a extensive method and will protect for up to 6 months.

Details :

Product Notes:

- Beesbutter is handmade in the US and is for genuine leather goods.

While it won't impairment polyurethane or faux leather, these different leather services derived from plastic will not allow Beesbutter to absorb and do not require conditioning services anyway.

- Will soften and darken leather after application.

- Not for use on suede.

- Beesbutter will impart standard standard water resistance to your leather adding further protection from the elements.


- Spot test Beesbutter on a modest patch of the leather.

- Using a cloth, sponge, or by hand (recommended), apply a thin layer of Beesbutter to the leather.

- Beesbutter should be mostly waterless out to the come near within 20 minutes.

Wipe off any excess.

- Apply every 6 months or a lot a great dea often if needed.

* Please note, Beesbutter is specially expected to soak into leather and be waterless out to the come near soon after application.

A modest amount will go a long-term way.

It will not absorb in the following conditions: 1) It is applied to faux leather or PU leather 2) The leather has a sealer/coating preventing absorption 3) The leather has been saturated if an excessive amount of Beesbutter was applied or many other oils have already saturated the leather preventing absorption.

Soften And Darken Leather After Application.

- Not For Use On Suede.

- Beesbutter Will Impart standard water Resistance To Your Leather Adding Further Protection From The Elements.


- Spot Test Beesbutter On A minimal Patch Of The Leather.

- Using A Cloth, Sponge,