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Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain liquid Repellent Conditioner, Cleaner Protector Aerosol 5.5 oz. (156 mL)

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>>> Apple Brand Garde Rain Stain <<<

Apple Brand Garde Rain   Stain

Feature :

  • Easy-to-use product conditions, cleans and protects leather, suede and fabrics
  • Use to protect against body oil, grease, perspiration and water
  • For older items, produce sure they are fresh wel using
  • Dries quickly allowing your leather item to be used shortly after protecting it
  • Will not leave behind residue nor change the color or texture

Details :

Garde Rain & Stain Repellent conditions, cleans and protects in fact leathers.

Protects against stains such as body oil, oil or perspiration.

For new items, this product acts as a barrier against future stains and damages previously the article is worn.

For cleaning older items, help make sure that the item is nice and thoroughly clean earliest using a stiff bristled brush.

Dries quickly - will not leave residue or change the color or texture.

So protect your leather bags and binders from the variables utilizing the help of this leather treatment product.

Apple Garde' acts as a fluids repellent and stain resilient for all your leather, suede, and fabrics - whether you're pretreating a new pouch or using it as a follow-up after reconditioning.

This Product Acts As A Barrier Against Future Stains And ruin in advance of The Article Is Worn.

For cleaning Older Items, help make Sure That The Item Is thoroughly clean First
Using A Stiff Bristled Brush.

Dries Quickly - Will Not Leave Residue Or Change The Color Or Texture.

So Protect Your Leather Bags And Binders From The Elements
utilizing This Leather Treatment Product.

Apple Garde' Acts As A waters Repellent And Stain invulnerable For All Your Leather, Suede, And Fabrics - Whether You're Pretreating A New tote Or Using It As A Follow-up After Reconditioning.